CCTV Installation

The world’s leading IoT solutions provider with video as its core technology, Hikvision enables its customers and partners to use its technology more intelligently — enhancing the logic, accuracy, and effectiveness of their decision-making.

We empower our customers with the winning edge, propelling them further along in their path to success.

Benefits of HD CCTV

The benefits of High Definition CCTV, over standard definition,  are numerous and important.

  • Minimizing theft and vandalism
  • Monitor safe working practices
  • Viewing every day-to-day operations
  • Safeguard employees and site visitors
  • Protecting buildings and assets
  • Allowing you to remotely manage security
  • Reduce your search to just a few seconds
  • HD CCTV solutions that can future-proof you requirements
  • High Definition video quality, even on playback
  • Reduce expensive manned guarding with monitored CCTV

Superior Picture Image Quality

An IP CCTV system gives you paramount image quality with High Definition Megapixel resolution, ranging from a range of different megapixel cameras, meaning that even in low light, detail is identifiable, such as faces, number-plates and the images are clearer at a greater distance. One single IP camera can cover an area of what it would take numerous traditional analogue cameras to cover.

Cost Effective

IP CCTV, in the long term is much more cost-effective than old traditional analogue cameras. The initial installation is easier, and it can be continuously upgraded adding additional cameras, software, recording equipment with ease. You can start by utilizing your existing analogue cameras recording on an IP backbone to upgrade at a later date.

Quick Installation

IP CCTV systems can run over existing wired Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 etc or using a wireless network. Meaning the installation is less of a disruption,  it reduces installation time and manpower. An IP CCTV camera solution uses a single cable for power, so no need for a separate power source, camera control, data and audio.

System Integration

An IP CCTV system can be integrated with other security solutions, such as an Access Control System and other IT systems to provide a building management control system. Data from other security devices can be directly connected with the HD CCTV images to give a comprehensive security solution.



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